When Chiwetel Ejiofor was on the award circuit for 12 Yeas A Slave, he was always with his long-time partner, Sari Mercer. Early in September it was reported that they broke up. Then at the end of September he showed up at The Martian premiere holding hands with someone new. Click here to see. We’re calling her “mystery woman” because we don’t actually know who she is.

Today he was in New York and she was with him. They were photographed kissing. So…the timing is kinda convenient, I guess? Like you let the British papers know ahead that you’re single…then two weeks later you show up with a date to the premiere? Stop me if I’m way off side about seeing the strategy here.

Chiwetel’s next film is Secret In Their Eyes with Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman, coming out November 20th. Promotion on that should start soon. Obviously with all those actors, and the release date, there are some hopes that it could contend. Or, I should say, there are hopes that Julia might contend. Priorities, you know?