Last year for Jacek's birthday (on April 1), I dressed up as Hit Girl. Last year I was into Kick-Ass and Chloe Moretz. Then I interviewed her at Comic-Con and realised she's predictably and disappointintly yet another child star robot, programmed for tv friendly precociousness from 8-12 and early maturation from 13 onwards. She spoke like a 30 year old. And I remember both Dylan and I reacted similarly - that's not a kid, that's Hollywood engineering. Kinda gross.

Anyway, here's Chloe this weekend at the Comedy Awards working a lot of Lohan on the carpet. She just turned 14 - only 14! - in February and already the mouth is open. Or it's puckered. And she's full of Want and Try. Wanting big fame. Wanting It. And Trying the way no girl her age should need to.

So here we go. Chloe is on her way. And 16 isn't so far away. Boyfriends, parties, clubs, experimenting with "style", aspiring to be a tabloid fixture. Unless of course she in a couple years she decides to do something crazy and, like, go to school for a change. There's an expression in her face that makes me doubt this.

Photos from Dimitrios Kambouris/