This interview can’t be characterised any other way. It was a fluff piece. Robin Roberts and 20/20 allowed Chris Brown to repeat his empty apologies without qualification, without addressing any new questions, without pressing him on anything of substance.

Oh great. We get to watch his “sorry” face as they played back Rihanna’s candid segment with Diane Sawyer. No accounting for his conduct, no calling him out for self promotion not even a year after beating down his girl, and worse…

They edited the piece in a way that allowed him to smugly boast about how his song Changed Man made her cry. SMUGLY. Watch. That bitch is SMUG. SO SMUG. And they spent a full minute of a 10 minute interview allowing him to be smug.

And then.

Then they went for it…

Chris Brown takes you inside his closet, showing off a huge space, filled wall to wall with designer clothes and hundreds of pairs of shoes.

What in the f-ck of the what in the what?

Hey kids! Look at Chris Brown. He abused his girl and STILL LIVES LARGE. This could be you!

The video is below. It will make you angry but you should watch. You should watch how ABC has decided it will eat the ass of a felon. The way they handled it, they made the ordinarily sickeningly obsequious People Magazine seem downright confrontational. 20/20 stands for journalistic integrity.

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