As you know, Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday for beating the sh-t out of his girlfriend although if you clicked on this morning you could have assumed that Rihanna deserved this.

Anyway, on the same day he was sentenced, a “depressed” Chris Brown also put in some time at the recording studio. Because he’s an artist. And he still has a career. And producers still want to work with him, make money with him, because he will still sell.

Somewhere out there, the same dumbass bitches who were shouting “we love you!” at him as he left the courthouse will still buy him.

And life is sweet.

Life is still sweet after you punch a woman in the face over and over and over and over again.

By the way – did you read the statements of support presented in his defence yesterday? From TMZ:

Barry Weiss -- CEO of the RCA/Jive Label Group
-- "I've come to regard him as a surrogate son ... I understand the seriousness of his actions, but most importantly, he does."

Kenneth Meiselas -- Entertainment Lawyer
-- "I represent many of the world's most famous entertainers ... Chris traveled to Africa with Oprah Winfey to help the underprivileged children who were attending Oprah's school."

Apostle Samuel Harris Jr.
-- Senior Pastor -- "I've been in the recording industry 18 years ... I also submit that God has personally revealed to me that he is chosen for a special purpose for our society and around the world."

Namedropping Oprah?

Oh that’s good. That is very, very, very good.

And God has personally revealed to me that people f-cking suck.

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