Keep begging you piece of sh-t.

Chris Brown beat down his girlfriend last year. Then he went jetskiing. And he went to basketball games. And he only reported for community service because he was ordered to. And he spends more time partying with Diddy and shooting music videos than reaching out to those who’ve suffered unspeakable abuse.

He also went on Twitter to complain about the lack of respect he’s been receiving from the retailers selling, or not selling, his new album. After the immediate backlash, he threw a tantrum and shut down his account. After that he was off to Europe, toasted by sycophants and enablers during Milan Fashion Week, all starf-ckers looking for a new ride.

But here in North America, many radio stations won’t play his music. Forgiveness, it would seem, is not forthcoming. It’s a pleasant surprise. Sometimes people aren’t so hateful after all.

Now Breezy is getting desperate. Hard up for radio play, hard up for any kind of buzz, he’s taken to to leave a message for his remaining fans, begging them to beg the stations to put his music back on. Because his music “won’t be possible” if it’s not on the radio. And he doesn’t want to be an “underground mix tape artist”.... what?

Son, sit your abusive ass DOWN.

That’s probably exactly where he has to start again. As an underground mix tape artist. It’s the true spirit of rebuilding. You begin at the beginning. It would show humility, it would show tenacity, it would be the attitude of a real man who f-cked up, has accepted his fate, and is willing to do what it takes, from the BOTTOM, to earn some forgiveness.

Obviously, this is not Chris Brown. Because Chris Brown believes he’s already paid his dues. That he no longer owes anyone anything. That just because he’s said sorry enough times, you should be ready to go out and buy his album.

Yeah, you can stay down there you little bitch.

Photos attached of Chris arriving back in LA after a trip to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. What’s up radio stations – do you want to hear this punk play?

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