Well sh-t Good Morning America, this is wonderful.

They cut Adam Lambert because they feared he might not be appropriate for morning television, but Chris Brown, that piece of sh-t who pummelled his girl … Chris Brown is totally appropriate for morning television. This is why they’re airing a taped interview with him next week AND considering a live performance, all in service of course of his new album.

In other words, Good Morning America and ABC are helping Chris Brown SELL his new album.

It hasn’t even been a year since Chris Brown punched Rihanna repeatedly in the head, bit her, choked her, and tried to push her out the car. Since then he’s given back the bare minimum, attending court ordered counselling and rehabilitation programs because HE’S BEEN TOLD TO but has otherwise lived a privileged life. Girls still want him, still scream for him, he gets to go on holiday, he gets to hang out at parties, he gets to pump his fist in the air like he don’t care.

Adam Lambert on the other hand gyrated on stage and kissed a dude. Raunchy but not illegal. And Adam Lambert was axed. Be afraid of the big bad gay!

So a low life abuser is more welcome on morning television than a homosexual performer with a raunchy routine.

I hate people.

Photos from Wenn.com