They panned to John Legend following Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson last night at the BET Awards. You know he was suppressing one giant eye roll.

No doubt, Chris Brown is an electrifying performer. His imitation dancing was undeniably entertaining. His moves last night were totally mesmerising. But the Man in the Mirror tears at the end? When he was too overcome by grief/narcissism? It was the kind of Extra that deserves a Sit DOWN.

We could examine the question of sincerity until next year. We could take either side of the debate. And there would never be a decisive conclusion. But what’s not ambiguous or disputable is the fact that he turned a moment that was supposed to be about a legend into a moment that became about HIM. And THAT has always been Chris Brown’s problem. When he brutally beat Rihanna, when he was judged, when he was punished, when he was rejected by the public, when his music didn’t sell, when he wailed about it on Twitter, it was never about contrition, it was never about accountability, it was always about his own victimisation.

Chris Brown is a Me Bitch.

Me, me, me, me, me, me.


Last night wasn’t for Michael. Last night was for Chris. Chris Brown exploited an opportunity to honour music’s King of Pop for his own comeback purposes. Chris Brown leveraged the commemoration of Michael Jackson’s death into an attempt at redemption for himself. Forgiveness? Save your forgiveness. Chris Brown hasn’t changed. Still.

And who the f-ck decided that he deserves an award???

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