Thanks to Erica C for sending this along – an article written by LZ Anderson for CNN Opinion about Chris Brown who is going on tour next month as a “fan appreciation” gesture and has just released a new video, conveniently around the same time as Rihanna. He’s also dropping hints to her on his Twitter about missing her, wishing things could be like they were before. Piece of sh-t motherf-cker.

The point all along, much more articulately presented by Anderson, is that there has been no Contrition. I might be a cynical bitch but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in hope for change. Change is possible. And forgiveness is possible. But not here, not for him.

Not when this is how he expresses his regret (in Rolling Stone):

"At the end of the day, I'm sorry for what I did, whatever it is."



Whatever is taking a fist to her face over and over again, trying to suffocate her, biting her, bashing her head against the window. This is Whatever.

But for Chris Brown and a generation of losers being raised by losers, Whatever means Sorry.

And his tour will sell out, and his records will play, and People Magazine will run an airy fairy puff piece, and everyone will forget.

Do not forget. Please do not forget.

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