Chris Brown was photographed last night arriving at Guys & Dolls looking sharp in a tartan waistcoat, clutching his blackberry, eager to get inside and have a good time where he’d presumably be surrounded by ladies at a private table, champagne and vodka freeflowing, working the dance floor trying out new moves.

He’s only shot when he’s having fun – at basketball games, trying out expensive cars, partying at Diddy’s, clubbing in Hollywood…

Why is it he’s never shot when he’s leaving a community centre? Volunteering at a women’s shelter? Attending domestic violence workshops? Mentoring inner city kids? Helping service lunch at a homeless drop-in?


Why give back when there’s nothing to save?

He beat the sh-t out of his girlfriend and still gets to live the same life. Who needs to bother with helping others? Let’s just focus on living the star life.

I don’t care if you‘re bored of me riding his ass.

Not enough people ride his ass.

That’s because people suck.

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