Chris Brown was in Harlem yesterday playing basketball. He went out to party afterwards and seemed to act all shifty and sh-t when a member of his crew spotted the paps.


It’s not like he’s done anything wrong, right?

Chris Brown punched his girlfriend in the face and threatened to kill her, has done nothing in the way of countering violence against women, will not have to go to prison, sits courtside at basketball games, continues to make money, released a half ass, over-rehearsed lame dick apology on YouTube, and gets played at weddings by 10 million people…

If I were him I’d be smiling too!

I’d be smiling next to two FEMALE police officers – click here to view photo - and living it up.

Oh right. He’s already doing that.


Because people f-cking SUCK.

On October 1st, hundreds of men will take over Toronto’s business core to walk ONE FULL MILE in women’s heels, helping to raise funds at the inaugural Toronto Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event in support of the White Ribbon Campaign, working to end violence against women and girls, one man-sized step at time.

The White Ribbon Campaign operates in over 55 countries. Don’t you think Chris Brown should be participating?

He has his life back. He doesn’t have to.

For more information, visit the Walk a Mile website.

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