So he beat down his girlfriend oh just 4 months ago. And there’s no prison time, just a few hours of garbage duty here and there, totally manageable. Otherwise, life for Chris Brown is easy come easy go. No need for charity work, no need to spend time in the community giving back to those less fortunate, no volunteering at women’s shelters, no donations, nothing...

There’s really no need, you see.

Because it these circles, punching Rihanna in the face repeatedly doesn’t mean he can’t continue to have a good time.

This is Chris Brown at Diddy’s White Party with that Rihanna look-a-like Teyana Taylor. Before long though his attention was apparently elsewhere.

According to the NY Daily News, Brown was making out with Amber Rose (Kanye’s piece) in a corner, notable because Kanye, along with Jay-Z, has been one of the few hesitant to welcome Chris Brown back into the fold. Diddy, not surprisingly, has shown no compunction about inviting the convicted felon to his party. Great.

Rihanna meanwhile spent the weekend in Vegas with Jay-Z and LeBron James, seen clubbing at Tao the other night in this outfit – click here. On her, and only her, I love it so much.


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