BET Awards went down in LA last night – En Vogue!?!?!?

Here are Chris Brown and Rihanna on the carpet… separately, but together. Love them. So much. Seriously… Rihanna is exquisite.

See clip of Chris’s performance below – at the end Ciara came out and they danced and she tried to be sexy but, well, Ciara ain’t no RiRi. Which is why RiRi wasn’t the least bit worried when the camera cut to her during a part that was supposed to be provocative.

As for Ciara and 50… am told they are definitely an item – at least they were last week – but that she’s a high maintenance handful. Apparently they fight all the time because she’s super needy. Like every conversation has to be about Ciara and Ciara gets all pouty pants when the grownups are talking about something important and can’t be bothered with her baby babble.

This is how I imagine it must be like to have dinner with Jessica Simpson. Who raises these girls? Who tells them it’s cute?

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