Chris Brown was finally sentenced today for violently assaulting his girlfriend. Oh yeah, he also tried to kill her.

TMZ reports that Brown claims that since he beat Rihanna, and was arrested for it, he’s been “depressed”.

Let’s look at some photos that show Chris Brown’s depression.

Here he is on the set of a music video last week with Keri Hilson. Very depressed.

Chris was also at Guys & Dolls, a club in Hollywood, two weeks ago all styled up and depressed and ready to party.

Let’s not forget how depressed he was at Diddy’s Fourth of July White Party. He was dancing, he was mingling, he was flirting – all signs of depression for sure.

But not as depressed as he looked courtside at the NBA playoffs. People who are depressed smile a lot.

And finally, people who are depressed – and sorry for their violent actions – also enjoy riding around on a jet ski in Miami a mere 3 weeks after giving their girlfriends the beat down.

Yes, yes.

Chris Brown is totally f-cking depressed. He’s the textbook case for depression.

You know why Chris Brown hasn’t been volunteering, hasn’t been giving back, hasn’t been advocating for support groups for victims?

It’s because it’s part of his probation. He’s been sentenced to hard labour, community service, etc which is why his entire attitude has been: why should I start helping others voluntarily when I’ll be forced to do it as part as my punishment anyway?

That’s the spirit of contrition.

180 days hard labour, community service, and enrollment in a domestic violence program, and a string of other terms – click here to read them all.

But then you MUST click here to read the official police report of what he did to Rihanna. How he pummeled her over and over again. And bit her. And tried to suffocate her. And smashed her head against the window. And more.

Now go back and consider how he’s enjoyed his “depressing” life since then and what this punishment means.

Not ONE f-cking day behind bars.

Not ONE F-CKING DAY BEHIND BARS. So much money in the bank. A life of privilege. A lack of accountability.


You know what’s even better?

Girls were screaming “We Love You” to him as he left the courthouse.

These are the kids we’re raising???

I hate us.

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