Oh look!

It’s Chris Brown. And he doesn’t look contrite. No, not at all.

In fact, Chris Brown looks like he’s in great spirits – happy, relaxed, having a great time shooting a music video in LA.

And why shouldn’t he be living the life, enjoying the life?

All he did, after all, was pound his girlfriend’s face with his fist, bite her, kick her, almost kill her, and walk away unpunished, no consequences.

Of course he’s smiling.

Wouldn’t you be smiling if you did all that without having to offer a sincere apology or give back to society? That’s right. Go tell your kids to listen to his music, buy his new record. It will sell big. And the unjust will prevail.


I love Keri Hilson. What the f-ck is she doing with this bitch?

Photos from Wenn.com