Good Morning America took it up the ass last week when it was revealed that they’d invited Chris Brown onto the program to perform even though they’d cancelled Adam Lambert, thereby helping a convicted felon promote his new album. Although not admitting that they’re buckling due to widespread criticism, ABC has now decided not to feature Brown onstage and will air instead a 20/20 interview with the abuser during which he has supposedly promised to reveal what happened that night. The sit-down with Robin Roberts is being described as his answer to Rihanna.

So will it be a softball job? Or will Robin come to play?

I would hope that she’s coming to play. That she’d confront him about the lack of contrition. The flagrant flaunting of the unchanged lifestyle. The fact that he’s doing the bare minimum to give back when he can actually use his platform for good use. And of course the f-cking timing of it all.

How can he be working on himself when, not even a year after the beating, he’s out selling records, working on videos, obsessing about his weird ass pants on this album cover?

These are the questions you’d hope she will ask. But I’d have more confidence if it was Diane Sawyer. Given that she was the one who talked to Rihanna, there would be perspective and balance if it was Diane Sawyer. And perhaps that’s exactly the reason it’s not Diane Sawyer. The fact that it’s not Diane Sawyer is a sign that this piece of sh-t will not have to level. Instead, he’ll get his day, his say, and his sales.

Am open, obviously, to the possibility of a surprise, sure. But you know this Brown bitch is a coward. What are the chances he’d willingly walk into the heat and take it like a man? Please.