Chris Evans is directing and starring in his own movie. Alice Eve is in it too. They’re shooting in New York. And on Saturday night they went out for dinner. Though they were photographed separately, they did leave together in the same car so…

Just colleagues getting to know each other? Or more?

I’m down for more. My first reaction was, “Oh yeah, I could see that happening”. Apart from the slight brother-sister vibe happening, it’s a good professional and personal match. Neither one is an overreach, both are likeable, and they seem to have their sh-t going on independently. That was the problem some of you had with Minka Kelly. Minka Kelly is hot as f-ck, but there was an assumption that she was Mrs Timberlake to Captain America, which I never thought was fair. To my knowledge, Minka never played that way.

As for what’s really going on between Chris and Alice… my smutty senses don’t have a read on this either way. You?

PS. Alice Eve is actually her real name. This surprised me.