Yesterday at the BAFTAs Chris Evans and Henry Cavill presented Julianne Moore with the Best Actress award. Two handsome men of the superhero persuasion stood next to each other, and the internet collectively lost its sh*t. It’s understandable—they’re both really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, though Beardy Chris Evans is working the facial hair better than Cavill. Although I’m pretty sure Cavill with a thick and luxurious beard is inspiring some bear fantasies of his own. And between them is Moore and her gorgeous red Tom Ford dress. A redhead wearing red! She looks amazing.

The BAFTAs have a bit of sly that the Oscars are missing, and clearly someone somewhere knew what they were doing when they put Cavill and Evans on a dance card together. They’re the faces of two highly anticipated movies—which aren’t even coming out this year (maybe) and are still dominating the pop culture conversation—and they’ve been pitted against each other already, with Captain America coming out the winner in the release-date pissing contest. Now that they won’t be going head to head for an audience, the remaining question is who ends up making more money in 2016: Captain America: Civil War or Superhero Face Punch? The value of watching Batman and Superman punch each other in the face cannot be underestimated, especially with Wonder Woman on the hook, too. But people actually care about Captain America and Iron Man, so the stakes of Civil War are much higher for the audience. It’s going to be a dirty back alley fight at the box office next year.