Taking the night off from preparing substitute math curriculum, Chris Evans attended W Magazine’s pre-Golden Globes party. He looks good in his newly-acquired hot-for-teacher way, if maybe a bit underdressed, but man, that beard really works for him. The beard has reignited by Chris Evan Crush in full force. Can Captain America have a beard in Civil War? I know it’s not his comic book look, but Evans looks so damn good with the beard, it’s a shame to waste it. #BeardforCap! Let’s make this happen.

Also at the W party was Michelle Monaghan, with whom Evans has a movie due sometime this year. It’s that terrible date rapey movie about the guy who tries to nail an engaged chick. I like Chris Evans, I like Michelle Monaghan, the supporting cast includes Martin Starr and Aubrey Plaza, two of my favorite comedic actors, and yet this movie is horrible. I need it to come out so that we can all talk about how awful it is. Evans and Monaghan have both talked about this movie like it’s the second coming of the rom-com, which makes me seriously question their taste/reading comprehension/general understanding of the world. Not even the general hotness of Chris Evans could save that movie.