New photos of Chris Evans and Minka Kelly hanging out together on Labour Day weekend with their dogs were released yesterday. This would be the second time they’ve gotten back together, the third time they’ve gotten together overall. Kinda like Katy Perry and John Mayer. With them, the physical was never the problem.

Sarah told me last night that Chris’s fans weren’t into it and that they’re getting TwiHard ragey about this development. I’m not sure I understand the opposition but understanding fan angst is probably not a great use of energy. As for whether or not they’ll make it this time, well, to be fair, I suppose it should be the same answer as whether or not you think Katy Perry and John Mayer will make it. Unless you think Minka and Chris are different. At 35 and 34, on paper, you could make a case that they’re ready and have been through their share of the small Hollywood pool to circle back to each other, again. Your thoughts? Let me know!