If you do one thing for yourself today, please let it be going to the link below and watching all of the videos actress Lindsey McKeon posted on her blog from her “amazing friend with incredible insight”, Chris Evans. You may remember McKeon as the woman photographed with Evans (click here to see) earlier this year, and you will now most certainly know her as the person who jarred Chris Evans’s spirit-farts and let the world smell them. In a transparent bid to boost traffic on her blog, “Healthy, Sexy, Mindful Living”, McKeon has posted a series of short videos of Evans answering questions about his spiritual journey. It is some Grade-A space unicorn fart smells that have completely and irrevocably killed my Chris Evans Crush. I now have a space on my Freebie Five and am accepting applications.

Look, believe whatever the f*ck you want to believe. I’m not making fun of Chris Evans or anyone for their preferred method of coping with the nightmarish reality of existence (unless your preferred method is Spacestar Ordering).  It’s just that this exists in the world now and my preferred method of coping is finding joy in the little things, like Chris Evans doing a one-sided Q&A on his friend’s wanna-be Goop. This is insane and magical, and I can’t believe Mr. Neurotic Celebrity 2015 would agree to do something like this because if I had to interview him for a junket all of my questions would now revolve around these videos and oh please, someone ask him about this at his next junket. Then my joy would increase tenfold.