I happened to have my eye on the arrivals car camera when Chris Evans got there last night. The way he got out of the SUV and sauntered onto the carpet, with all kinds of cocky swagger, like he was rolling up to the bar with his boys on a night out…

It did something to me. Which was a surprise because Chris Evans doesn’t normally do things to me. But last night he just seemed extra relaxed, extra comfortable. Was it the date who wasn’t a date? Tara? Was he playing it up for Tara? Robin Roberts asked him about his +1…and this is what happened:

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An immediate…hellllll no….just friends, just friends from back home. So, OK, they really, really don’t want you to think they’re just friends from back from and definitely not friends who are f-cking. And you can read it two ways – like the thought of being friends who f-ck is so shocking to the system they had to have such a big reaction to it. Or… the old thou dost protest too much about not being friends who f-ck so you are probably f-cking? Maybe that’s how you got to be close. One, years and years ago, but never again and no more… except every other year on your birthdays.