So my friend Matt made a joke a while back about "the five Chrises - Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Bradley Cooper”. I laughed, for very many people would bungle which Chris was which, and while I can pat myself on the back for separating Evans from Pine and Pratt from Hems, I’d be really hard-pressed to come up with a Chris Evans project off the top of my head.

But during the red carpet fog last night, an incompetent interviewer was suddenly answered not by a patient and determinedly neutral voice but by a bubbly unguarded one and suddenly I was looking at Chris Evans’ sister Carly, who said the red carpet was fun and that he was annoying as a little brother.

And suddenly I considered Chris Evans for the first time, and he grew in my head as ‘the one with the sister’, and I liked that he even considered bringing his sister to the awards in the first place. I’m not necessarily going to run out and see his entire catalogue that I’ve missed, but I will look forward to him with a little more anticipation.

Which is the point, of course. He knows he’s one of the Chrises. He knows doing press with his sister will make people pay attention to him. It’s not totally guileless, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.