On Saturday before the Oscars, the Academy makes the red carpet available to entertainment crews rehearsing live shows for the next day. That would include ABC, the official US broadcaster, hosted by Tyson Beckford who, holy sh-t, looks great but doesn’t think all that great, and E! with Ryan Seacrest. We were there too because CTV airs the Oscars exclusively in Canada.

The Academy takes this opportunity to get its own cameras lined up for arrivals which is why they bring in dozens of volunteers on the carpet, with big signs hung around their necks, to pretend to be celebrities so that they can get their sh-t together for the real thing the next day.

In our rehearsals, we use these volunteers to simulate our live show. Two randoms will show up but they’ll have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tags taped to their chest so we act like Brange has just arrived and speak accordingly. I’m telling you this because Andrew Garfield was announced as a presenter last week and the Academy sent out a volunteer with his name and Emma Stone’s walking beside him. It doesn’t get any more legit than that. The Academy was expecting Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Only …they didn’t show.

Instead, Chris Evans presented. Evans’s name was not released however when the original presenter list was sent out. And he came out during the superhero section of the show. So it would be safe to assume then that he was Garfield’s replacement. What happened to Garfield?

At post time (1am PT) there’s been no official explanation. And everyone is still partying so it’s hard to get answers. I’ve received several emails from worried fans wondering what happened. Will let you know as soon as I do. Food poisoning?