Chris Evans was photographed on location in Cleveland this morning working on The Avengers. This is supposed to be New York. And, I dunno, I haven’t seen the movie but he’s from the 40s and supposedly wakes up in 2011? Whatever. The point is he’s back to work as Captain America which I’m guessing means that he has to maintain that crazy ass fitness regimen required to make him look all ‘roidy and small-headed in character. Exhausting. And for how long???

The Avengers opens in 9 months. It’s expected to be a monster hit. And Captain America is considered an adequate hit. So...sequels then. At least two? That’s a lot of money for Chris. Great. But it’s also a long, long time to have to keep up that body. I don’t have the mental discipline for it. Especially when you look ahead and it’s at least another 2 or 3 years of every day, eating grilled chicken and greens, hitting the gym for 2 hours, and alcohol only on the weekends. I’ll just be over here, taking a nap.

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