Chris Evans isn’t papped very often. Enjoy these then while I work on a longer post that will cover this in a few minutes. They were taken yesterday Studio City. Apparently he was running into a dermatology clinic.

But did you know he’s on Twitter? I just learned of it today. Or maybe I knew but chose to forget.

God, I really wish they wouldn’t.

Or if they have to, I wish they’d set it to private. It’s too close, you know? And as I’ve already explained while trying to un-see Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter - click here for a refresher - more often than not, it ruins everything. Especially if there are a lot of emoticons and exclamation points. Evans does go heavy on the exclamation point. But he doesn’t tweet too often and he doesn’t blow a wad of quotes every day.

Anyway, Evans has been working on back to back (smaller) films since The Avengers and, judging from the size of his arms, should be training now for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, scheduled for release April 4, 2014 and expected to begin production after Thor 2 wraps.