Filming for Captain America: Civil War is underway in Atlanta, and a batch of set photos has popped up showing Chris Evans dressed in a Sad Suit, Looking Sad, and carrying a casket. Who died?! Well, since Emily Van Camp, who plays Sharon Carter, is also present and dressed in black, my guess is Peggy Carter, Cap’s star-crossed love. One of the simultaneously best and most depressing scenes in any Marvel movie was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Cap visits an elderly and Alzheimer’s-inflicted Peggy, so it’s not a big leap to think that they’ll take that relationship to its logical conclusion and have Cap, forever young, attending the funeral of his nonagenarian love. Everything about the 21st century sucks for Captain America.

Semi-related, Sebastian Stan posted a photo to his Instagram from the set, of him practicing moves for an action sequence.



Having A weekend!

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Why is this interesting? Well, besides the confirmation that Stan is not skipping leg day, that pose he’s in looks an awful lot like an image from the comics when the Winter Soldier punches Iron Man IN THE DICK. There are a few things I’d like to see in Civil War, and the Winter Soldier junk-punching Iron Man is, like, #2 on the list.