I’m not a girl who’s after a full face of beard but not even I was immune to Chris Evans last night. Cap looked good. Really, really good. Chris was at the Globes to present Spotlight. He’s a Boston boy. But the film, well, you know the film. It’s not an easy film. And when part of your duties include saying the word “abuse”, I’m not sure you want it to come out saying “aboosh”, which is how Duana and I both heard it. I mean I understand that the champagne is free-flowing, it’s supposed to be a party. But. But. Lazy enunciation is one thing when you’re introducing Trainwreck. It’s another when the film is Spotlight. Let us know if you saw it differently.

In other Chris Evans news, Sarah told me first during the show that she’d been hearing rumours that he and Jennifer Lawrence looked like they were having some fun together. Then I heard from two other sources who mentioned they saw the same thing. They weren’t humping or anything, but there was definitely chemistry, and it definitely had an air of “to be continued” to it. I have no confirmation about whether or not the “to be continued” actually continued. But imagine. The potential of that hookup.