Are you ready for The Avengers? Avengers publicity is about to be all up in your face for the next two weeks like everywhere. The Hollywood premiere is tomorrow. Every featured Avenger is expected. And then they’ll likely take turns touring the world.

Here’s Chris Evans, Captain America, yesterday in Brazil in a tight shirt and jeans. As you know, I’m not normally down with his clothing choices and ridiculously sized biceps but here, maybe because he’s wearing a long-sleeve, I don’t actually mind so much. Also he’s wearing his pants really, really well. Like perhaps the best he’s ever worn pants.  

Anyway, at the press event, Chris talked about his diet and the physical process of getting into the role and he assured the ladies that he’s “a single man”. So...I guess it didn’t last long whatever it was between him and the girl he was holding hands with last year? Click here to see those shots. I don’t know if I buy that. Like, it might be over with that particular lady but this guy, I feel like this guy has some undercover moves. He just knows how to keep it tight. Which is why it makes sense that he and Jessica Biel couldn’t last.