That’s what he was reading when he spoke to Esquire for their new issue to promote the upcoming Gifted The Surrender Experiment. Have you read it? It was a book people were talking about a couple of years ago, in short about letting life lead you. I got through half of it. And then I started reading Shonda Rhimes’s Year Of Yes which, at least for me, because we all interpret differently, was more resonant. But anyway, that’s what Chris Evans was reading in February. And that’s how he is trying to live his life now, to, as the saying goes, “live in the moment”. Which I think is why he and the writer go skydiving?

Basically Chris Evans, in this Esquire profile, is not in Captain America mode. To go back to a conversation Duana and I had on this week’s episode of Show Your Work, Chris is wearing the “actor who stars in movies” face, perhaps priming for his post-Marvel career, which is coming up soon as he’s shooting the next two Captain America movies back to back starting next month and then he’s done with the shield. Maybe that’s why, hilariously, they've included in this spread a shot of him reading a script. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

So does the earnest approach work for Chris Evans from Boston? (Boston comes up a lot in the article.) Without saying as much, Chris's message is that he's more than just his superhero muscles. He has opinions, he's political, he wants to share his political opinions, about his disappointment in the current president of the United States, about David Duke, about how America is letting down its citizens. And he also shares how he's been discouraged from expressing his thoughts presumably by the people who manage his career - the point being that his convictions are so steadfast that he doesn't give a sh-t if it's not the "smart" thing to do, he owes it to himself to do what's right. So he kinda is Captain America, non?

Back to the skydiving though - it wasn't his first time because his first time was with an ex-girlfriend, Jessica Biel. Which is how we segue to his last ex-girlfriend Jenny Slate. Who he won't talk about, although the writer observes that even just saying he doesn't want to talk about her "you can almost feel his heart pinch". Pretty sure Chris and his publicist wouldn't object to that detail. Especially as it follows all the details about how he became an actor, how hard he worked to become an actor, how tenacious he was in New York, gambling on a longshot opportunity, and hustling harder than anyone else...only that's what they all do - they hustle, they grind, and so few of them end up with 6 picture deals. As Sarah wrote of Chris Pratt last year for the ones who make it, it's either believe you're ordained or attribute it to the fact that you just wanted it more.

And that's why I'm not sure I've really gotten to know Chris Evans any better for having read this piece. What will it be about Chris Evans that will make me care more about him after the Avengers?

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