Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, and Joe Manganiello all showed up at an event last night. Hemsworth, as you know, is the god Thor. So he’s a beast. I mean, this is a tall guy. But look at him next to Manganiello! He becomes average-sized. And Channing Tatum, sandwiched between them, who isn’t exactly little, is like the little brother.

I remember interviewing Joe Manganiello once at Comic-Con. I was standing on a bleacher so we were face to face. Now I wonder if I was at ground level whether or not my head would have even ended up in the shot. He is, no doubt, over a foot taller than me.

Manganiello, if you remember, was almost Superman. He eventually lost out on that role to Henry Cavill. But, obviously, not for lack of stature. I wonder if this can be a disadvantage at times. Because most actors are diminutive. And you can’t apple box every scene.