Mimi and Packer were just there too! As Maria pointed out recently, a lot of celebrities are heading to Italy this summer. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are the latest. Here they are with friends and family in Portofino yesterday. Chris has been in London shooting The Huntsman. He’s supposed to move on next to the Ghostbusters movie, as the receptionist. Sarah liked his casting decision (click here for a refresher) and so do I. You too I think? Or is it because you’re just picturing him with his shirt off answering the phone?

Speaking of him with his shirt off…

As I always say, any time I write about Chris Hemsworth, he’s not my jam. BUT…you’ve heard about Top Gun 2? It was reported earlier this week that Top Gun 2 is in development and that Tom Cruise will be back as Maverick and that the story will have something to do with drones and the dying art of aerial dogfighting. Maybe the drones break down and they have to kick it old school with Maverick in a plane? Teaching the new recruits how to be his wingmen? We were discussing possible scenarios the other day in our morning meeting on The Social and then, out of the blue, but maybe not really, someone suggested that Chris Hemsworth could be in it as the new Iceman. Like Kazanski’s son. He could pass for Val Kilmer’s son, non?

Chris Hemsworth in a flight suit?

Yeah. I think that might work for me.

If Thor is Iceman’s son, who’s Maverick’s son?

I’m telling you: Taylor Lautner.

I just need you to imagine Taylor Lautner standing next to Chris Hemsworth, playing volleyball with his shirt off with Chris Hemsworth telling Taylor Lautner that he’s everyone’s problem. I need you to watch this scene with those substitutes. Are you laughing?