Yesterday Chris Hemsworth was in England shooting The Huntsman, the sequel or prequel to Snow White And The Huntsman. Also on set: Jessica Chastain. I’m really into seeing her in costume. I’ll be really into seeing her go bitch for bitch with Charlize Theron too.

Tonight Hemsworth switched characters. Tonight he’s a god. Tonight he is Thor, at the UK premiere of The Avengers. I’ll be posting photos of the superheroes separately – click here to see Elizabeth Olsen in LifeStyle. Hemsworth wore blue. So did Hawkeye Jeremy Renner, with a black shirt instead of a white one. I, personally, prefer the black shirt. In fact, this is the most I’ve preferred Jeremy Renner maybe ever. And I’m not usually a jolie laide kind of person. But I’m also not a Chris Hemsworth kind of person. As you know, Liam is my jam.

Anyway, you have a choice here: blue short or blue tall. Pick one.