As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t yet watched Ryan Gosling’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Sarah texted me just now to tell me that it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good and that she was disappointed it wasn’t better and that she looked forward to Chris Hemsworth’s return to the show.

Chris will return to Studio 8H this weekend just 9 months after making his SNL debut back in March. And it was a pleasant surprise, remember? Remember that American Express ad? If someone who looks like him can make it, well, anyone can make it!

Here’s Chris today in New York for Good Morning America to promote In The Heart Of The Sea. So many movies. And all of them trying to find an audience in the shadow of Star Wars. Who’s the audience for In The Heart of The Sea? Is it you? Can you let me know? Because I have no interest. After Star Wars, if I’m going to the movies, I have to admit that I’m going to Daddy’s Home because I can’t deny that I love the premise. Interestingly enough, you know the question I just asked you about who’s seeing In The Heart Of The Sea? That’s what Sarah asked about Daddy’s Home back in July – click here for a refresher. It’s the part in the trailer when Marky Mark comes down the escalator and the look on Will Ferrell’s face! And I HATE Mark Wahlberg!