Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and their newborn baby girl India Rose (I can hear you, Duana, I can hear you) went for a walk today in London. Elsa’s already back in no-pregnancy shape. SHE WAS PROBABLY FAKING IT! No, we only accuse Beyonce of faking it. Because only Beyonce has amazing muscle memory.

There was much discussion about India’s birth at the Snow White junket last weekend among reporters. When we interviewed Hemsworth on Saturday morning, it hadn’t been widely publicised that India had arrived. And, well, at 11am, sitting a couple feet away from Chris, several of us noted that we could smell the drink on his breath. Later on it all made sense. He was celebrating the night before.

Several of his family members were in town. Which led to speculation that it must have been a planned delivery since his schedule would have been known at least a couple of months in advance and given that her due date was around the same, and he was committed to promoting the film, why not have it all arranged while he’s in England for a week stretch?