Yeah, the GMD would have looked good to me too

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Once upon a time, before she was lobotomised, Katie Holmes was engaged to Chris Klein. Then they broke up and before we could process the split, she was riding on the back of Tom Cruise’s manly man motorcycle and getting jiggy with Xenu.

We have struggled to understand why Katie gave so much away. And how the GMD succeeded in capturing her. Thanks to this new video, which is supposedly legit, it’s become clearer why Katie fled from a loser to a freak. In her position, having tolerated Chris Klein for so long, perhaps a life with the Midge would have been appealing too.

This is Chris Klein auditioning for Mamma Mia. If you haven’t seen this video, you need to make sure your colleagues or classmates can’t hear you laughing. You should also steel yourself for the fontrum. Monumental fontrum.

The easy sh-ts and giggles come from his singing. Of course. This singing, obviously, is horrifying. But so was Pierce Brosnan’s. Darren and I could not control ourselves over Pierce Brosnan. Not everyone can kick it 7 octaves like Lea Michele. As it relates to Chris though, what’s most embarrassing is the behaviour. Right off the top of the clip, the way Klein is getting collegial with the room, namechecking Mandy Moore, it’s a MAJOR cringe. And then it’s the IN BETWEEN singing, when he’s trying to ACT, these are the moments that are the worst for me. Because, as you will come to realise by the end of the four minutes, as you’ve known for a while now from photographs – click here to see – Chris Klein is a loser. And he could still walk into a random club and talk a trick into sucking his dick by the end of the night. I saw this happen at TIFF a few years ago. Girls, we need to do better.

Update: Looks like the video has been blocked. Try this link to see it.

Here’s Chris at a TCM event in April.

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