TMZ is reporting that Katie Holmes’s former fiancé Chris Klein was busted this morning in LA for attempting murder with his car. He failed a field sobriety test after the cops spotted him flailing around on the freeway, over twice the legal limit, and was promptly arrested. And it’s his second time. The first time was around when Robo dumped his ass for the GMD. Am attaching his last mugshot.

We were just in LA, Jacek and I, and he was debating whether or not to rent a car, thinking we could cab it everywhere. I told him we needed a car. Because no one cabs in LA. They just drink and drive. Yeah, it’s a cliché. But these f-cking twats keep making it true.

This is disaster for Klein. Because he’s now legally screwed in addition to professionally impotent. The career is in the sh-ts, and he could be facing jail time, and the whole world has now seen his pathetic Mamma Mia audition.

Four words: Dancing With The Stars

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