Check it out – Chris Martin and Coldplay arrived in Venice yesterday and Martin is not scowling in the presence of photographers rather, he seems almost jovial. Actually, not almost, but straight up. Jovial. Look at him laughing with the photographer and making silly faces and not running away.

On the contrary when his wife is hosting a dinner party he can’t get away from it soon enough or crack a smile in support of her. You know my position on this. I am not going to be the girl who hates on the girl and puts it on the girl. I am not going to excuse him on the basis that she’s a miserable bitch. It’s totally unfair. He’s a dick and, at least to me it’s obvious because she’s the one who’s trying. And while too much Try is something we laugh about re: Hollywood I’m not sure there can be too much of it in a marriage.

Photos from INF