Chris Martin returned to LA yesterday. He was papped at LAX. You know who else was papped at LAX? Annabelle Wallis, his girlfriend. Earlier this week, we saw photos of Chris and Annabelle acting out a rom-com on the streets of Paris. Now they’re travelling together. When Chris and Gwyneth Paltrow were together, it was rare that they’d get photographed at the airport at the same time. They were certainly never photographed dancing down the cobblestones under the Eiffel Tower (I know they weren’t under the Eiffel Tower, it just sounded good).


You know.

Oh but not many of you knew Annabelle Wallis before this. Certainly not the way you know G and Jennifer Lawrence. This f-cking guy.

Anyway, you think Annabelle’s in LA to hang out with the kids, maybe G too?