Coldplay performed at the O2 this weekend – photos attached.

The band is staying close to home over the holidays, touring the UK and then breaking just before Christmas for almost two months. Which means Chris and Gwyneth can work on their marriage… just in time. Chris’s professional life is actually as scandalous as his personal life these days as repeat allegations of plagiarism threaten to shred the band’s reputation.

And then there’s Gwyneth…

Although it’s been the worst kept secret in London that the two have been struggling for ages, word is only breaking now everywhere else. My sources say that Chris allegedly has someone else, that Gwyneth knows it and chooses to ignore it, immersing herself instead on inane activities like promoting her trainer and GOOPing the sh-t out of her life.

Rumour has it she treats him more like a child than a husband – nagging and lecturing – and for a dude with limited romantic experience before getting married so young, the rock star temptations are becoming too much to ignore.

Of course that’s what they’re saying. Like a mirror situation to Madonna and Guy. And the British love to vilify the woman over their homegrown man.


Even for a G-worshipper like me, some things are undeniable.

My sources say Gwynnie has been studying Kabbalah on the sly. And that the teachings are taking the spontaneity out of her life. Combine that with the judgy mommy phenomenon and, well, needless to say the tabloids have a lot of material.

Two divergent schools of thought here: some say Chris is trying to hammer through a divorce agreement in the new year, others believe Gwyneth comes from a world where divorce is not an option so over the holidays, she’s imposed a “work on us” project.

Her friend Mario Batali has already spoken out against reports the two are on the verge of a split, claiming he sees them all the time and that they seem fine – one happy ordinary family.

The holidays will be the test.

Oh, and re: her breasts from last week? I didn’t believe that would be her deal, to get her tits done. Apparently I was wrong. Having spoken to impeccable sources afterwards, among her tight circle of friends, it’s totally not a secret – they say she did. Small and subtle but firm.


It’s like I don’t know her anymore…

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