Gwyneth Paltrow’s second cookbook It’s All Good was released this week. People are praising it and trashing it all over the place. Many of you have linked me to this Washington Post article that both praises and trashes her. Which, to me, as you’d know if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, is how I approach my G. It’s too easy to “What a f-cking c-nt” her every time. And besides, where is the fun? How fun would your gossip life be if they were all Tina Fey?

Anyway, Gwyneth’s It’s All Good is now #1 on Amazon. Don’t roll your eyes. Or pluck all your eyelashes out one by one. Think of it this way -- it will only add to her sanctimony. And it means she won’t have to change. Especially not when it seems to be working at home.

Check out this tweet from the Coldplay handle yesterday -- straight up promotion for It’s All Good AND a band endorsement! Not just a husband endorsement, but a BAND endorsement:

'It's All Good', out today. This is what fuels the band... CM

The cover of the cookbook was also posted.

Well this is sweet, non?

Instead of booking it down the street so as to not be photographed with his wife and generally doing everything he can to avoid association with her, it seems Chris Martin, more and more, has G’s back. This looks much better on him.

Attached -- Chris with his kids on Easter weekend in LA.

Click here to read Gwyneth essentially being interviewed by herself for GOOP, kinda like when Beyonce was interviewed by herself for a documentary about herself that she directed herself.

(thanks Donte!)