Gwyneth Paltrow arrived back in London the other day. Chris Martin was spotted at Heathrow yesterday too. So… I guess they’re home together? It’s hard to say. Some people think they’re never together. Some people insist they are, they’re just able to do it without anyone knowing about it.

What’s certain though is that she’s stepped up her travel and commitments the last half a year or so. And that he’s rarely around to support her. Not at the Grammys when she must have been nervous performing, not at the Oscars where she also must have had some anxiety. A phone call works just as well though. And a text message too. I guess?

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, the rumours were getting pretty loud that it will be soon, that they’ve both retained representation, that it’s too far gone now to be saved. None of this is slamdunk, but it’s something that gossips seem to be waiting on, like they have the story written already, they’re just counting on it to be official.

I’m still not sure…

Not because I think their sh-t is perfect, far from. But because I just can’t see her admitting it’s not perfect. She was bred to withstand imperfection. And besides, she’s coming out with a cookbook soon. Is GOOP the type to pimp recipes as a single mother? Could she bring herself to do it? Chill your f-cking ass for a minute before you overreact.

I think Single Mothers are great.

But this is not about Me. It’s about G. And in her judgy way, in her little circle, can G see herself as a Single Mother?

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