As you know, Coldplay will be backing up Beyonce at the Super Bowl on Sunday. They can use up all the minutes they want. The only minutes that will matter will be HER minutes. In addition to B, Bruno Mars is also confirmed to make an appearance. Which basically pushes Coldplay down to third position, really.

Or lower?

There’s some rumour running around that Rihanna and Justin Timberlake might show up. It started on Twitter though so, you know. Rihanna I can sort of see, with the whole Tidal Bey-Jay connection. Although, like, do you think Beyonce wants to share?

As for Justin Timberlake…

Do I let out my OH HELL NO rage now, or later? If now, and the whole thing is bogus and he’s not there, I’ll have wasted my energy. What am I talking about? It’s never a waste of energy to revisit why Justin Timberlake + the Super Bowl is bullsh-t.

So he gets to come back to the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson is banned for life? After he and so many others, including YouTube (!!!) profited from that wardrobe malfunction while her career was put on ice for 10 years? And he could be featured again during the most televised event of the year even though he let her get trampled on her own for an experience in which he was an equal partner? WHO DID THE PULLING MOTHERF-CKER?!?