An update on the Chris Martin/Kate Bosworth cheating allegations: he said he would take legal action against Star Magazine. So far, no law suit has been announced. They always say they’ll sue and they say it very loudly that they’ll be suing and then they don’t end up suing sh-t. But oh no, Chris Martin wouldn’t cheat on his wife. Never. Of course he’s suing.

This is Chris Martin last night in London at a designer fashion sale for charity. Coldplay is not touring again until next February. Spending time at home tending to the renovations perhaps.

As for Kate Bosworth, she was spotted in LA yesterday leaving a salon. She, LeAnn Rimes, and Tori Spelling should start a club.

As for Gwyneth Paltrow, yesterday’s GOOP was about dining out, soliciting the recommendations of her famous and influential friends. Most intriguing: Ferran Adrià the head chef at elBulli. Have you heard of elBulli? It’s the hardest restaurant to get into. Word is it receives something like a million requests and only grants 8,000. Only open a few months of the year, reservations are only taken for the entire year on ONE day of the year, consistently ranked the #1 gastronomic experience in the world, and so committed to their esoteric principle the proprietors would rather continue to operate at a loss rather than compromise the integrity of their culinary art.

So of course the creator of the elBulli menu, OF COURSE, he would contribute to GOOP. Of course Gwyneth knows him. Of course she can eat there any time she wants to.

Husbands may be unfaithful but connections and appearances are everything. Where my Gwyneth comes from, that’s all that matters.

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