Yesterday when we checked in with Chris Martin, he was doing the tango down the street in Paris with his girlfriend Annabelle Wallis in plain view of a paparazzo. Last night he was at the Q Awards in London wearing his favourite leather jacket.

Several of you emailed after seeing those shots of him kissing Annabelle instead of racing away down the street like he did with his ex-wife and offered up the same theory: Annabelle, unlike Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence, is less famous than Chris. If you support this position, it would mean that for Chris, it’s all about ego. That sounds about right to me. The downside of that position, however, is that it’s one less thing you can blame G for. And your life isn’t quite right if you can’t sh-t on her for something.

Speaking of G, here are some shots of her on Sunday with her son, Moses, at the Veuve Cliquot polo event. As you know, she and Brad Falchuk have been pretty open about their relationship for a while now and recently went social media public – click here for a refresher. How long before Annabelle Wallis starts Instagramming love poems that Chris writes to her?