From GOOP?

Crusty Chris Martin was photographed out for a run the other day in London. You mean he isn't with The Method by Tracy Anderson?

I'm going to write about this again. Because you know what I hate reading in my inbox?

"Well Gwyneth Paltrow is so annoying, I don't blame him for being mean and in a bad mood. I couldn't live with her either!"

Yeah, but that's his wife. And if he can't get up the energy to support her, like at the dinner she gave in New York while she was promoting her cookbook - click here for a refresher - when she's always supporting him, blaming HER doesn't absolve him. There are people who swear up and down that Chris is such a nice guy and that he's so friendly and great with his fans. I'm down with that. But I'm not sure being nice to his fans negates him not being nice to the mother of his children.

"Yeah but at least he showed up to her party."


The next time your husband spends the entire night sulking and you're around your friends and he says "Yeah, well at least I showed up", get back to me if you managed to just swallow that, happily, because you were so grateful for his mere presence.

She's a pain in the ass, I get it. She bites your ass with her … everything… I get it. But I'll separate that from why her husband is a dickhead. This is not on her. What's on her, if you really want something to reach for, is that she married a 26 year old (at the time) rock star who was relatively inexperienced and maybe not that mature and who ended up growing a massive ego.

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