In late August Chris Martin was seen in New York with British actress Annabelle Wallis – click here for a refresher. The next day it was reported that Martin Lawrence was over.

Chris and Annabelle are still together. Not only are they together, they were in Paris the other day, holding hands, kissing, and …even… dancing down the street. I could only afford to buy one shot of the kissing but you can see more pictures here at the Daily Mail.

Look at that. What is this with the waltzing? And it’s not like they didn’t know they were being papped either.

So, for years, when he’s with his wife and the mother of his children, Gwyneth Paltrow, he looks for any trash can to jump into to avoid being seen together. And now he’s tangoing up and down the streets of the City of Light?

This f-cking guy.