US Weekly has been on a tear lately on exclusive hookups and breakups. They were all over the Charlize Theron/Sean Penn split. They broke the news yesterday about Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch (we’ll get it to, hang tight), and they also reported on Wednesday that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are done, again. Apparently their source says the relationship “ran its course” and that they were apart more than they were together.

As you’ve seen, Jennifer’s been in New York, making faces at the paps (click here for a refresher), like she doesn’t care that he and Kylie Minogue were on a midnight promenade, and Chris was in England with Gwyneth and their kids for almost two weeks. G is now back in NYC, seen at the airport a couple of days ago (click here for a refresher) and it was thought that maybe he’d show up eventually too, for the Independence Day in the Hamptons, and a reunion with Jen but… not yet.

Because last night he was in India, showed up at a bar in Delhi with Bollywood musician Vishal Dadlani and gave an impromptu performance.


So I was in #paradise today #chrismartin #coldplay #surprise

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Who’s there in the background, do you see?


#chrismartin #freidapinto #coldplay Nuff said!

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Yeah. Freida Pinto, curiously. I mean, her presence can easily be explained. And there’s no other evidence to suggest it’s anything more. And there’s still no official word as to why he went to India. But, you know, for sure there’s enough here to at least wonder about it. And to note that if US Weekly is wrong, and he and Jen haven’t broken up, he doesn’t seem to be in a rush to get back there.

(Thanks G!)