Chris Martin was papped at a convenience store the other day in LA. He hit up the bank machine. Do you take the balance slip with you when you hit the bank machine? I always ask for the “no paper” option when it’s available. And when it’s not available, I crumple up the receipt and toss it, usually without bothering to make sure it’s safely discarded. A lot of people just leave their receipts there. Totally immoral question: are you curious about Chris Martin’s balance? Like what if you’d stepped up to the machine right after he did and his balance slip was staring you in the face? You would look, right? F-ck, I would look.

Anyway, as he was leaving, the paps started getting in Chris’s face with questions about his conscious uncoupling. They asked him if he was cancelling it. Click here to watch the video. He just seems so…chill about it, non? He’s always been so chill about it when he’s on his own, without her. Almost...cheerful.

“Well, you gotta hang out, you know?”

And then they start CONGRATULATING him on his broken marriage. Like, hey dude, way to go for breaking up with that f-cking c-nt you married! This is gross to me. I mean, I know you all hate her ass but it’s still gross. Because there’s the stink of sexism under that that’s been camouflaged by her unpopularity. They’d never high-five a woman in the same situation. I would totally high-five Paula Patton.

Here’s G on the move yesterday flying back to LA from New York. Am obsessed with this travel outfit. Those comfortable pants, that jacket, and the slip-on shoes which are currently my jam too. I’ve been wearing my Vince in black leather almost every day since it stopped snowing. Check it:

If you want a pair closer to Gwyneth’s, I suggest the Vince printed ones – click here to see. Both are amazingly comfortable.