Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto will be released a week today. The band is doing heavy promotion. That means interviews. Normally Chris Martin does not talk about his wife during interviews. Normally questions about Gwyneth Paltrow are banned in advance. Amazingly then, Chris acknowledges his wife in TWO separate new interviews, and manages to say nice things about her without scowling and running away.

As I have said repeatedly, while Gwyneth may bite your ass harder than any other celebrity, that’s no excuse for his being a dick to her all the time, sour-faced at her parties, booking it down the street when he leaves an event with her, crusty to the point of violence when photographers shoot them arriving somewhere at the same time.

She is the mother of his children, the caregiver and the caretaker of their home. Don’t hate on her because you like his music and she’s thin and she’s speaks out of her nose. (Her voice really is so nasal, isn’t it?) It’s not the same issue.

I wonder then, now that they’ve gotten over yet another rough patch, whether or not she finally addressed it with him. Did she wait until he was in a really good mood, did she tiptoe into his studio, wringing her hands? Did she gulp several times before finally finding the voice to ask him, meekly, whether or not, like, would it be ok, it’s no big deal, I was just hoping, like you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if you wouldn’t mind, um, like, it would be so great if you could just, ahem, like, maybe talk about me a couple of times, really, really briefly, just a quick mention, when you do press for the album, but only if you’re comfortable, if you’re not, I’m totally sorry for asking, oh, I’m sorry, I’ll just... do you want some tea? I’ll go up and get you some tea. Forget I said anything...

Chris was compassionate.

Which is why, when asked about it on CBS Sunday morning, he threw Gwyneth some crumbs.

“That's right. I'm in (my only serious relationship). It's a big leap? What, from being a loser, to going out with an Oscar winner? (Laughs good-naturedly) It's a giant leap. Let's face it; it's like winning the lottery.”

And this is what’s making headlines today. All over the place. Gwyneth finally gets to be loved, publicly, by her husband. There’s more...

In another interview with a British journalist, Chris is asked whether or not he watches G’s movies to keep her close to him when he’s on the road:

“Well, she’s a good actress. I am biased but I am also right. The Royal Tenenbaums is one of her best performances.”

True. It is. And it’s one of her best, if not her best, movie. The Royal Tenenbaums just celebrated its 10th anniversary at the New York Film Festival, by the way. Did you know that, um, Bill Murray loves Gwyneth Paltrow? And that Bill Murray isn’t the type to say he loves someone unless he really, really does love that person? And that Bill Murray is the motherf-cking best sh-t ever?

I’m not just referring to what Bill said about G the other day at the NYFF Royal Tenenbaum’s panel - click here to read the transcript, it’s awesome - but what he told Howard Stern earlier this year. That Gwyneth is one of the loveliest human beings he’s ever worked with:

Start at the 10:00 mark and listen for 2 minutes.

Anyway, remember when Gwyneth rationalised cheating? It gave us some insight into how she lives with, you know, what happened. Click here for a refresher. Those comments kicked off a lot of speculation about their marriage, about his faithfulness, and Chris was asked point blank about it. I like the journalist’s description of his reaction:

Martin looks slightly stunned. “Did she say that? I don’t read any of these things.” Then he pauses and grins.

“Right, well, I’m a notorious love rat and I think that’s what she’s going on about.”  He laughs, to make the point he’s sending himself up.


Attached - Chris Martin, not running away from photographers, in New York after lunch with Jay-Z the other day and Gwyneth Paltrow in a GORGEOUS cream sweater with her kids. I’m telling you. Apple is going to be incredible looking. Also, how much do you love that her children’s playclothes look like your children’s playclothes from Costco even though they probably cost thousands of dollars?

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