Chris Martin was papped with his kids out walking the dog the other day. Moses appears to be trailing behind so you can’t see him in the shot. But that’s Apple and her little friend.

Who’s her little friend?

Well, as Zinnia astutely pointed out (thanks Z!), it looks like Kate Hudson’s son Ryder. And this is interesting on so many levels. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, hangs out with Matt Bellamy, lead singer of Muse. That’s not interesting? Fine. How about this? If Gwyneth’s kids and Kate’s kids are hanging out, that means Kate is down with Gwyneth. And if Gwyneth’s been rallying her community against Vanity Fair…does that come up when she drops off and picks up? There have been reports that G’s friends have been turning against her but, when the kids are involved, where do loyalties lie?